From the land to L’Olivo

L’Olivo Restaurant and Wine Bar is one of the jewels in the crown of the Stella della Versilia Hotel. Each dish is the synthesis and celebration of thorough and constant culinary research that unites with tradition and innovation, through passion and knowledge.

Each course, which has its roots in the traditions of the local area and has been embraced by the art and flair of Chef Michele Mancini, brings to life a veritable savoury experience. A delectable journey from sea to land and back again.
The fusion of aromas, refinement of ingredients and attention to detail, complete the delicious à la carte menus, for perfect results.
A harmony of gestures and aromas, movements and flavours deliver a culinary experience that is second to none.

Immersed in a splendid natural setting, L’Olivo Restaurant is the ideal venue to enjoy a lunch or dinner in perfect tranquillity.
Sitting poolside, or by candle-light, surrounded by the purest of marble and the silence of the lush pine forest, prepare yourself for an enchanting, sensory experience.

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The Chef's Hands

Michele Mancini is the hand and heart of L’Olivo Restaurant.
His Tuscan roots, combined with his experiences all over Italy and the world, bring forth absolute culinary works of art in Forte dei Marmi restaurants.

Always on the look out for something new, whether it comes to ingredients, combinations, presentation, each and every dish that he creates is an authentic fusion of flavour and emotion.
A pleasure that goes from the palate straight to the heart, never to be forgotten again!


The best wines
for the best experience

A crystal glass often holds the secret to happiness.
L’Olivo Restaurant Wine Cellar hosts prestigious wines that come from both the local area and from all over the world.
A journey through the best Tuscan vineyards, and beyond, that tell of stories and traditions profound. Surrounded by wonderful tastes and scents, savour a glass of wine that has been paired with the perfect dish: your enogastronomical experience shall be both full-bodied and lively at the same time.


Zero KM products.
No, actually Zero M.

Few are the quality ingredients that make a big difference.
Looking for raw materials and the knowledge and know-how in choosing these, are the primary indispensable ingredients that are needed to create a flavourful work of art.
And it is precisely this freshness, this authenticity, this quality of local products, grown in our very own Zero KM vegetable garden, that render indescribable the deliciousness of the dishes served in L’Olivo.

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